For us search engine marketers SEO is an acronym that everybody knows often recognizes. However a lot of times when I talked to a regular business owners to mention SEO very often they don’t know what it means. It stands for search engine marketing and oftentimes even that there requires some explanation.

So what it means is that search engines use certain algorithms that allow them to accurately rank a given website that corresponds to a given keyword. If the website is about a certain topic in a certain niche and it has enough articles and information about that niche, it becomes a kind of authority in its field and chances are it will rank very highly.

In order to know what kind of keywords it would be worth to optimize your website for, you need to look at Google’s keyword planner. What keyword planner does, is it shows you how many times a certain keyword has been searched on a monthly basis. If you are for example in a hardwood floor business and keyword like “hardwood floors Fresno Ohio” was searched, let’s say 500 times a month, it would probably be beneficial to focus on it.

What Are PBNs?

If you want to do your SEO like the pros, there are many advanced strategies that you can use to boost your site’s rankings and get more targeted traffic and sales. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many areas that you could be focusing on, and they all seem to take such a long time to set up.

One thing you may want to do is set up a Private Blog Network Hosting (PBN), and this will really give you a boost in your SEO.

PBNs are powerful, and that’s why so many SEOs use them. They consist of a network of blogs that are all independent from one another. Once you have built your network, you can start linking to your money site, and the links will soon give your site a boost.

But here’s the problem: building a network and maintaining all the individual blogs involves a lot of work.

First you have to create each blog on a different host. You cannot just use one SEO service that provides different IPs because these are not effective. Google will see that all the blogs belong to you, and the network will lose its power.

If you go to the trouble of launching all your blogs, once you’ve set up your network you will then have to maintain them. WordPress blogs need to be updated to protect them from hackers, and you have to keep them in good condition and update the plugins as well as add content – and this all takes a long time. The solution is incredibly simple – just use a private blog network hosting service like this one.

When you sign up with a service like this, everything is taken care of for you. Rather than using SEO web hosting providers that use the same host, each of your blogs will be launched on a different host and IP, without you having to sign up to all the hosts.

The maintenance is also taken care of, so you don’t have to do a thing. You can access all your blogs from one dashboard, and they will all be updated and looked after without you doing anything.